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Most people are familiar with two of the diseases that can negatively impact their oral health – gum disease and dental decay. Most dentists are trained almost exclusively in the treatment of these two diseases. But did you know that your oral health can also be negatively impacted by occlusal disease?

Occlusal disease is a misalignment of the teeth and jaw muscles that can lead to uneven wear of the teeth, sensitivity, cracks in the teeth, loose teeth, breaking teeth, sore muscles, pain in the jaw joints and headaches.  As you chew, your upper and lower teeth come together, pushing against the skull.  If you have an uneven bite, missing teeth, or your teeth are improperly aligned, your muscles must work harder to bring the teeth together, creating strain on the muscles and jaw joints.  If you clench or grind your teeth, the strain only increases.

Recognizing occlusal disease early is important because it increases the probability that your teeth will remain healthy throughout your lifetime.  Many people who receive our Atlanta jaw pain treatment can avoid bridgework, crowns and repairs when the signs of occlusal disease are recognized and addressed in the early stages.


How We Can Help

Dr. Robinson is an Atlanta Jaw Pain Treatment specialist.  He has received extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of jaw pain and occlusal disease through The Pankey Institute.  He is able to provide jaw pain treatment to halt and often reverse its effects.  Dr. Robinson will evaluate your signs and symptoms and evaluate your bite using models of your teeth and through occlusal (bite) analysis.


What’s Involved?

Occlusal disease therapy commonly begins with  “bite splint therapy.”  A hard acrylic appliance, called a bite splint, is fabricated to fit snugly over either your upper or lower teeth.  It becomes a temporary way to discover your perfect bite and jaw position.  With the bite splint you will experience what a comfortable difference a stable, solid bite can make on your teeth, your muscles and your jaw.  It is very likely that many of the signs and symptoms of your occlusal disease will diminish or even disappear during the course of your jaw pain treatment and bite splint therapy.  How long this takes will depend on your situation and the symptoms with which you start.

Following this bite evaluation process, Dr. Robinson may reshape your teeth so that they move smoothly against each other and fit together in the same solid position that you felt when wearing the bite splint.

Keeping your teeth in maximum comfort, function, and esthetics for your entire lifetime is of paramount importance.  Together, you and Dr. Robinson can work to address any bite problems and pain you are having and restore you to a place of comfort and stability.

If you are having jaw pain or discomfort and would like to learn more about our Atlanta Jaw Pain Treatment, please call us today at 770-939-7167.

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