How Important is Sleep to Your Health?

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How important is sleep to your health?
There are several news reports which speak of the science of sleep. Did you know a chronic lack of sleep can damage your health?

A Lack of Sleep –
• Raises your risk of heart attack and stroke
• Impairs your decision-making ability
• May contribute to obesity and Alzheimer’s

What you may realize is, chronic sleep deprivation can also raise your risk of gum disease – or make existing periodontal problems worse. In fact, research suggests that it’s more damaging than either chronic stress or daily alcohol use. Only smoking – the number one risk factor for gum disease – has a larger impact.

sleeping-at-officeIn general, the risk goes up for those who sleep 6 hours a night or less – a figure in line with the latest guidelines released by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. They recommend 7 to 8 hours minimum for healthy adults to keep their risk low of any health problems associated with chronic sleep debt – and give no upper limit for sleep.

Obstructive Sleep Disorders Prevent A Good Night’s Sleep

It might be hard to believe sleep has such an impact on your dental and physical health and vice versa, but it does. In other words, poor oral health prevents you from getting good sleep. For example, are you familiar with obstructive sleep disorders? One of these, better known as sleep apnea creates severe sleep disturbances, which then interferes with the natural processes within the body.

Could it be obstructive sleep disorder is the issue which is keeping you from getting rest? There are dental devices available to minimize circumstances such as these. Whether it is from snoring or blocked airflow in general, not seeking treatment for these problems can create some severe health issues far worse than gum disease or dry mouth. Just some of these you could be faced with are:

• Diabetes
• Gum disease
• Heart disease
• High blood pressure
• Obesity

As mentioned, there are treatment options to help you if you do have a condition keeping you from getting the rest you need at night. The oral devices mentioned are non-invasive, easily fitted and can dramatically improve your dental health and physical health in a short period. It is worth looking into when you consider the health circumstances that can develop from not being treated.

Seek Treatment For Dental Issues Today

It is important to understand proper sleep is the pathway to excellent health. Without 8+ hours of sleep — your physical, mental and oral health suffers. When you have been diagnosed with an oral health issue that interrupts proper sleeping habits, there is a higher risk for health problems such as:

• Decrease in memory or cognitive functioning
• Decrease in metabolic rate
• Productivity
• Diabetes
• Obesity
• Sleepiness. . . And more

We encourage you to start doing the right thing, pay more attention to safeguarding your health. This would include, healthy oral health habits.

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